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Paris Opera Schedule 2017 - Opera and Ballet Tickets

Be inspired by the art of Paris contained not only on canvas and stone, but in the music of the city's grand theaters. Whether you have tickets for a performance at the sumptuous Palais Garnier or the contemporary Opera Bastille, you will always remember a night at the opera in Paris. Book Paris Opera tickets for the best seats – the parterre (Opera Bastille) or the orchestre (Palais Garnier). View the latest schedule below.

Palais Garnier

Forsythe Palais Garnier Cunningham/Forsythe
The ballet company performs a mixed bill of works by Merce Cunningham and William Forsythe.
Apr 14 - May 13, 2017
Ravel Robbins/Balanchine/Cherkaoui, Jalet
Choreography is set to the music of Ravel in this program of dance at the Paris Opera.
May 2 - 27, 2017
Wayne McGregor Bertaud/Bouché/Paul/Valastro
Dancers of the Paris Opera Ballet debut their work at the Palais Garnier.
June 13 - 18, 2017

Opera Bastille

Carmen at the Paris Opera Carmen
The French opera comique in four acts, composed by Georges Bizet and set in Spain, follows the story of a free-spririted woman and her obsessive lover. Roberto Alagna is scheduled to perform on July 16.
Mar 7 - July 16, 2017
Wozzeck Wozzeck
The opera, composed by Alban Berg, is the story of a soldier whose poor mental state drives him to commit a terrible act against his companion.
Apr 24 - May 18, 2017
Snow Maiden La Fille de Neige
The Snow Maiden, with a heart of ice, yearns to experience the passion of the villagers. Only when she sacrifices herself is she able to know the love that had been denied her.
Apr 15 - May 3, 2017

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