Venice: Chiesa di San Vidal

Interpreti Veneziani, a chamber ensemble in Venice, Italy specializing in Baroque music, plays on period instruments and has received international acclaim for its exuberant and passionate performances. The ensemble performs its seasons, featuring more than 200 classical music concerts, at Chiesa di San Vidal (San Vidal Church) in Venice.  

Chiesa di San Vidal, restored in the late 17th Century, displays Italian Renaissance and Rococo works of art, forming the perfect backdrop for chamber music concerts. Interpreti Veneziani brings harmony between music and art.  The string ensemble performs on most evenings except Sunday. The repertoire often includes works of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart and many other composers. The duration of a typical concert is approx. 1 hr 45 min.

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Address: Chiesa di San Vidal (San Marco, 2862/B)

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