Five Reasons to See a Show in Europe

March 24, 2006

On two things most travelers might all agree. First, when it comes to trips to Europe, seeing the cultural and historic sites is what people find so memorable. And second, attending a theater performance can make for a richer travel experience than sightseeing alone.

For those who remain unconvinced, we’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons to squeeze in a performance during your next trip to Europe.

Visiting an opera house or theater is an event in itself.
Many European theaters, some of which are more than 200 years old, have storied pasts and beautiful interiors. Designed and built by artisans, they are filled with treasures such as the ceiling painted by Chagall at the Paris Opera or the dome of frescoes by Annibale Brugnoli at Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. 

It can be an intense and moving experience.
Similar to action movies, operas and ballets rely on spectacle to wow the audience. But unlike the movies, the action is live and the audience is immersed in the energy of that action. The grand sets, elaborate costumes, music and stories transport the audience to another place and time involving all of the senses in the process. The stories may be tragic or comic, but they are almost always inspiring.

A night at the theater is a great date.
Combine a nice dinner and a show in Rome, Paris or other European city, and you have a recipe for a great date. For a memorable experience, see a romantic favorite such as Romeo and Juliet or Don Quixote.

Ticket prices are as low as other forms of live entertainment. For instance, we found single tickets to the Paris Opera Ballet or symphony for as low as €10. Plus, free events and festivals are offered every year by performing arts organizations throughout Europe.

Performances provide a peek into the cultural past. Some performing art forms, like opera and ballet, originated in Europe. They are living history passed down by musicians, teachers, conductors and the performers themselves from generation to generation. For the price of one ticket, you can be immersed in an enduring cultural experience that is constantly evolving.

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