Is it Better to Use a Travel Agent?

December 14, 2010

When it comes to planning a trip to Europe, you could spend hours searching for the best deal. But if the trip is not the best for you, it may not matter how good the deal was.

Is your hotel as nice as you hoped? Are you spending more time enjoying the European cities, rather than on the road traveling between them? How gracious and interesting are your tour guides? This is how an experienced travel advisor can help, by designing a trip for you that lives up to your expectations.

For travelers who wish to reduce the time and complexity that often goes into travel planning and ensure smart choices, travel agents can simplify the planning process for you. They sift through the myriad of options and present only the ones that will suit you best and are offered by the most reputable companies.

Peace of Mind
Travel agents can help you choose the travel insurance plan that best protects against unforeseen situations, and provides health insurance overseas. Also, they can explain all the fine print regarding your trip such as cancellation policies.

Before you depart, your travel agent will contact your hotel and tour providers to ensure all of your needs are met and that every day of your trip runs smoothly. And while you're traveling, you'll enjoy the services of a personal travel advisor, a central point of contact for your needs. In the event that you have a problem during your trip (i.e., canceled flight), your travel agent can act as an advocate on your behalf to resolve any problems. You won't be stuck calling multiple companies or wait on hold with the airlines, because you can just make one call to your travel agent.

Best Amenities

While it's not always possible to guarantee an upgrade or room with the best view, you'll have a better chance of getting the amenities you want by working with a travel agent. The rooms available on online booking sites are generally those that hotels have difficulty selling. The better accommodations are saved for travelers booking direct or through travel agents with whom the hotel knows and has a relationship. The room offered to you upon check in is at the hotel's discretion. But your are more likely to get the best room by working with a travel agent.

How does it work?
At Inspired Diversions, we first ask questions to understand your needs and preferences — from what type of hotels you like to whether you prefer Belgium beer or wine from Chianti. It also helps to know what you liked and did not like about your past trips.

Next, we draw on personal expertise as well as our European contacts to provide recommendations that reflect your interests and needs. You benefit from our first-hand experience with the hotels, places and activities that we suggest to you. You'll receive suggestions based on your preferences among the countless options available to you.

For instance, if your are fascinated by architecture, we might recommend a walking tour exploring Baroque architecture in Rome. Or if you want a Amalfi Coast hotel room with a view of the sea, we can find the perfect place.

Since we are a full-service travel agency, we can handle all of the arrangements, making the process simple for you. We also manage the details such as contacting your hotels to ensure they are prepared for your arrival, setting up drivers to greet you at the airport, and serving as you primary point of contact if you have any questions before during or after your trip.

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