Why Travel to See Ballet

January 26, 2011

We thought it might be interesting to post some of the reasons why we (and other balletomanes) travel long distances for unforgettable experiences at the ballet.

Why go?

While it's true that many people who live in places like New York or San Francisco can see frequent dance performances by local and touring companies, it's still an enriching experience to travel abroad to see dance. A touching moment of a ballet performance that stays with you makes the trip worthwhile.

There's something special about being in the historic opera houses of Europe. You feel that you have a place in history when you're sitting in a velvet box seat at the Palais Garnier. Also, cultural differences will mean that costumes, set designs and the style of dancing will be different than what you see at home.

If it's a year in which a favorite dancer is not touring to the U.S., we plan our trips to places such as London to coincide with performances featuring ballerina Alina Cojocaru or Aur?lie Dupont in Paris.

How to Travel for Ballet

The cost and time needed for a trip to Europe can be a drawback for some would-be, traveling ballet lovers. Still, many simply make ballet a part of their normal trips. We like to make the most of our time abroad, planning visits to coincide with performance dates and scheduling in sightseeing and shopping.

What's also fun for ballet lovers is to take short, backstage guided tours of theaters or even, for the adventurous, to take a ballet class. It makes the experience of travel richer when you combine it with something you love.

If you want to travel to see ballet performances, be sure to check the schedules for the dates you wish to travel. Or better yet, if you can, plan your visit around the ballets you wish to see to avoid the disappointment of arriving when no performances are scheduled.

Enlist the help of a travel planner specializing in ballet trips to help you plan an itinerary, arrange your theater tickets and manage the details of your trip.

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