Why You Don't Want to Travel to Europe in August

May 31, 2011

For many people from the U.S., August is the only time they can take a vacation. Kids are out of school. Workloads slow down. The weather is hot and sunny in most places. It seems like the ideal time to travel. However, it's not always the best time to travel to Europe. There are a number of reasons why.

Europe experiences the biggest influx of travelers during the month of August. As a consequence, fares for flights and hotels generally charge the highest rates at this time. Also, crowds converge on the major cities of Europe during this month, making sightseeing a bit of a hassle.

Cities in Europe that are a good distance from the coasts or the mountains become oppressively hot during August. Walking outdoors to tour the sights in the heat can quickly get uncomfortable, especially with children in tow.

Unlike in the U.S., Europeans typically take long vacations (lasting a month or so) in August, which means that smaller hotels and restaurants, theater venues, even some tourist sights will be closed for the summer.

When to Travel

Another option is to travel during the shoulder seasons (early spring or fall) or low season (winter). While traveling in the shoulder season, for instance, has grown in popularity over the years, you'll find fewer tourists and lower hotel rates than during the summer.

Use our wizard to find the best places in Europe to visit and during the best time of year.

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