Paris Sights at Night

June 11, 2011

With the warm glow of lights shining against the monuments of the city, Paris is at its most radiant at night. Enjoy photos below and see why Paris is called the "City of Lights".

EIFFEL TOWER: This symbol of Paris lights up the skyline of the city. On various late evenings, you can catch a show of flickering lights, some of which are themed for special events happening in the city.

Photo of Eiffel Tower flickr/micmac


ARC DE TRIOMPHE: This monument stands at the intersection of one of the busiest roundabouts in the world as well as at one end of the famous Champs-?lys?es

Photo of Arc de Triomphe flickr/palindrom6996


LOUVRE: Strolling through the courtyard of the Louvre is special in the evening since it's one of the few times when the crowds are gone.

Photo of the Louvre


NOTRE DAME: One of our favorite ways to see the city is to take a cruise on the Seine River. In the dark, the monuments of France's past glow and are beautiful to see as the boat glides below them.

Photo of Notre Dame Church flickr/iursu


LES INVALIDES: Once a hospital for war veterans, today the complex serves as the military museum of France as well as the burial site for Napoleon Bonaparte.

Photo of Les Invalides flickr/ Fernando Silveira

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