When to Use a Travel Agency

With so many options for planning travel, it's challenging to know which option to choose. One option is using the services of a travel agent. We've listed some of the most common situations when a travel agent might be for you:

You're going to an unfamiliar place or have a complicated trip

If you're traveling to Europe for the first time and you're not quite sure where to start, or how much you can see in the time you have, an agent may be for you. A travel agent who specializes in Europe, for instance, spends each and every day planning and arranging trips to Europe. He recommends travel options based on his first-hand experience and the experiences of past clients with your similar interests.

For complicated trips involving multiple cities, an agent can plan the best order to visit the cities and recommend transportation options that you will allow you enjoy your trip, not waste time getting from place to place.

You Need Travel Advice & Guidance

Even if you've already planned some of your trip or enjoy researching on your own, a travel agent can advise you on such issues as currency, when to travel and which tours providers are the best. Perhaps you just need a reality check for an itinerary you've already planned. You can also get help sifting through airline fees, travel insurance and cancellation policies.

You Feel Overwhelmed

Let's face it. There's a huge amount of travel information on the internet, from your friends, from guidebooks. But, if you're a luxury traveler or have special needs, an online reviewer may not have your same tastes. A travel planner who understands your wants and needs can guide you through the options to help you make the best decisions for your particular trip.

You Don't Have the Time to Plan

Looking for flights, reading hotel reviews, finding things to do are time-consuming activities. Part of the travel agent's job is presenting options that match your needs and doing the legwork for you.

You Want Your Trip to be Extra Special

Even if you've traveled to Europe before, you want to experience the best Europe has to offer from the best accommodations to the most engaging activities. What's more travel agents often have long-standing relationships with hotels and tour providers. They may be able to get you perks, such as a free daily breakfast or museum tickets.

Also, after years of being in the business of planning travel, an agent can recommend interesting ideas for things to do that aren't in the guidebooks.

You Want to Avoid Mishaps

When you have limited travel time, you want everything to go perfectly, particularly if you're traveling for a birthday or anniversary. A travel professional can ensure your trip runs smoothly by taking care of the details and being your advocate.

You'll have a go-to person to help you if a flight gets canceled or a winter storm closes the airport. For added peace of mind, know that your agent concerns herself with your entire trip, not just the flight or just the hotel. Her focus is on ensuring you have the best trip possible.

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