Romantic Winter Honeymoons in Europe

If you don't mind cold temperatures, rain or snow, then winter is a wonderful time for a romantic trip or honeymoon to Europe. Fewer tourists means no crowds at museums and quieter streets for walking. What's more, the winter weather makes the warmth of cafes and hotel rooms, especially those with fireplaces, that much more romantic.

Romantic, Rainy Days

The romantic city of Paris is particularly enchanting in the winter. Already beautiful, the city lights and architecture reflecting off wet sidewalks just adds to the magic. Also, where Paris really shines is in its indoor places - museums, palaces, and of course, the cafes.

For an even more peaceful feel, Venice offers postcard-worthy spots for romantic moments. Don't be discouraged by the acqua alta, or high water, which creeps up during winter due to rain and tides. (Temporary platforms are set up for pedestrians.) When the tourist crowds are gone in winter, you'll feel that you have much of the city, with its mysterious quality, all to yourself, perfect for a romantic vacation.

Winter Wonderlands

If you dream of visiting a winter wonderland complete with Christmas lights and snow-covered rooftops, Salzburg, Austria is your choice. Spend your days sipping hot cider in the Christmas markets, riding on a horse-drawn sleigh through the woods, and listening to classical music in the churches.

In Prague, you'll find plenty of Christmas cheer in the medieval center of the city with its castle, bridges, golden church domes, and cobblestone streets. Or, visit the charming town of Bruges in Belgium, which will remind you of a miniature, ceramic Christmas village sitting on a fireplace mantle.

Sunny Winter Honeymoon

For honeymooners wishing to travel to Europe, but want to avoid snow and rain, there's the Amalfi Coast. In winter, the Amalfi Coast offers crisp, cool days with blue skies. You'll only be sharing the towns perched over the sea with your loved one and a handful of local people.

Things to Consider

Because bad weather can affect flights from the U.S. during the winter, travel insurance can provide peace of mind. Also, some attractions, restaurants and small hotels in Europe close or modify their hours during the winter. Use a European travel planner to take the time-consuming frustration out of finding the best hotels and activities, mitigate any winter flight issues, as well as manage the details, so that you can simply enjoy your trip.

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