How to Find a Europe Hotel Room for 3 People

January 14, 2013

It can be a challenge finding hotel rooms for three people in Italy, France, the UK and other European countries. Hotel rooms in Europe tend to be much smaller than in the U.S. with smaller beds, rather than the queen-size beds as you find in the U.S. Also, hotel rooms in Europe often accommodate a maximum of two people, rather than four as you might expect in a standard, chain hotel in the U.S.

Plus, the descriptions of room types hold different meanings depending on the country or even the hotel. While in North America, a double room may have a King size bed or two full or queen size beds, in Europe, a double room is almost always two twin beds joined together or two separate twin beds (often called a 'twin room').

Below are some of the ways travelers try to accommodate three people in an American hotel room. But these may not always be the best options for travelers to Europe. For instance, consider the following possiblities:

  • Two beds with two people sharing one of the beds: In Europe, when multiple beds are in a room, they are almost always twins. So, sharing a twin bed may be difficult for adults.
  • One person sleeps on the floor: European hotels usually do not permit this because of safety and fire regulations.
  • Rollaway bed or cot - Because rooms tend to be smaller than in the U.S., adding an extra bed may leave you with little room to move around. Hotels charge an extra fee for extra beds, even those to be used by children.

Hotels in Italy, France and other European countries offer only a few viable options for travelers needing a room for three people. The options are to book:

  • A dedicated 'triple room';
  • A suite with a pull-out couch or additional bedroom; or
  • Two separate hotel rooms. If available, hotels will put guests booking two rooms next to each other.

It's often a good idea to contact the hotel directly to confirm room arrangements and find out the extra fees for three people in one hotel room. Alternatively, consider getting the assistance of a travel planner who specializes in trips to Europe.

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