Prague State Opera Exhibit Features Gustav Mahler

October 5, 2008

From now until the end of this year, audience members of the Prague State Opera can view an exhibit on composer and conductor Gustav Mahler. The Gustav Mahler and Vienna exhibit was originally displayed at the Vienna State Opera.

Before the famed composer and conductor settled in Vienna, as the director of the Court Opera and principal conductor of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Mahler spent the 1885-1886 season at Prague’s German Theatre (today the Estates Theatre).

While in Prague, Mahler mounted several major productions, including the Prague premieres of the first two parts of Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen. He left as construction began on the city’s Neues deutsches Theater, now the Prague State Opera. Mahler later returned for a guest appearance after the opening of the new opera house, on August 18, 1888, a gala night marking the birthday of the Emperor Francis Joseph I and premiere of Weber’s unfinished opera, Die drei Pintos.

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