French Phrases for Travelers

September 27, 2006

You don’t have to be fluent in French to interact with native speakers. A few basic phrases make up most of the questions or ideas that a visitor may need. Master these and you’ll be ready for many of the situations in which you might find yourself – be it shopping, ordering food, or looking for places. Click on the speaker icon to listen to clips of native speakers.

Oui wee  yes
Non nohn no
Est-ce que vous avez … ?  es kuh voo zah vey Do you have …?
Ou est …?  oo ay      Where is …?
J’aimerais … zham ray  I would like …
Combien? cohn bee en How much?
Je ne comprends pas zhuhn kohn-prahn pah I don't understand.
Je ne sais pas zhuhn say pah I don't know.


Excuse me. Use it to pass by someone or through a group of people. 
Bonjour   bohn-zhur      Hello, good day
Je vais zhuh veh I go
S’il vous plaît seel voo play Please
Merci   mehr see  Thank you
Je veux acheter … zhuh vuh ash tay I want to buy …
Je veux aller  zhuh vuh a lay   I want to go
Je cherche  zhuh shersh  I am looking for …

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