Planning Christmas Europe Travel

October 30, 2009

Christmas markets, holiday concerts, and traditional meals make traveling to Europe a rewarding and joyous way to spend the holidays. Follow these tips to ensure that your trip to Europe this Christmas is also stress-free.

Plan & book early

The media has us all thinking that there are amazing travel deals out there, even for last minute vacations. While it's true that there are great deals for this winter, the reality is that the holiday season is a busy travel time. It's often better to lock in rates and flights early because availability and special rates will dwindle as the holidays approach. Also, when traveling with extended family, planning far in advance will give you plenty of time to get everyone to agree on where to go and what to do.

Designate a Head Travel Planner

If you're planning to travel to Europe with extended family, be clear about how the trip will be paid and designate one person to head up the planning efforts. Alternvatively, a professional travel planner can help you manage the needs and requests of each traveler and take care of all of the details, such as arranging flights for family members from different US cities, getting passports for the new international travelers in the family, and booking multiple hotel rooms.

Ask about special rates and amenities for groups and families

Travel companies will often offer special rates for people traveling to Europe as a group. With select packages, if your group is large enough, the leader of the group may even be able to travel at a deep discount.

Check in advance for closing days & sold out events

If you're counting on visiting museums such as the Louvre in Paris or Galleria Borghese in Rome during your Christmas travels in Europe, be sure to check which days and hours they will be open.

Also, popular holiday concerts and events such as The Nutcracker performed in Paris, London, Rome, and Vienna; the concerts at the Musikverein in Vienna or the Vienna Boys' Choir often sell out early. Book tickets in advance of your trip to avoid disappointment.

Reserve your holiday meal in advance.

Though activity in many European cities will cease on Christmas Day, some restaurants will be open for you to enjoy a holiday dinner or lunch on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. Make reservations early as restaurants that remain open are likely to be booked well in advance.

Inspired Diversions offers trip planning and concierge services for holiday vacations to Europe designed around your special interests.

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