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Venice Carnevale
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The Venice Festival Carnevale attracts visitors from around the world. Carnevale is the feast and celebration before Lent, the Catholic period of fasting before Easter.? The streets are jam-packed with processions, people wearing masks, music, masquerades and balls.?? You'll also find concerts, masked balls and special gala events.

Festival del Mare
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At the Arsenale in Venice, yachts and other types of boats are exhibited for the International Boat Festival.

Opera Festival in Verona
June - August
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In nearby Verona, elaborate stagings of popular operas are presented in an ancient Roman amphitheater.

Redentore Festival Festa del Redentore

Redentore Church on Guidecca Island in Venice was built to give thanks for the end of the 1676 plague. ?Today, festivities begin with people filling the canals with colorfully decorated boats. ?A bridge of barges is built allowing people to cross over to ?Giudecca from Venice. Religious ceremonies happen during the day concluding with fireworks at night.

Italian Mostra Internazionale d'Arte Cinematografica (The Venice Film Festival)
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Part of the Venice Biennale, the Venice Film Festival is the oldest and most prestigious film festival in the world. Founded in1932, the festival takes place on the island of the Lido in Venice. The biggest name celebrities, along with the paparazzi, arrive for film screenings and events.

Venice Biennale
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The Venice Biennale is an all-encompassing exhibition and festival for contemporary art, theater, dance, and film. The Venice Biennale also features the Festival of Contemporary Music.

Historic Regatta

The Grand Canal is filled with 13th-century boats for a procession along the Grand Canal.


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