2018 Globe Theatre Season

May 28, 2018

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London, the reconstruction of the theater in which Shakespeare presented his plays, opens its 2018 season on April 25, with a production of the play Hamlet.

The season continues with Shakespeare's masterpieces Otello and The Winter's Tale, as well as the play As You Like It, which was written around the time that the original Globe was built. The Two Noble Kinsmen, the production of a medieval Chaucer tale returns in 2018, featuring the character Emilia Bassano, thought to be a woman who appears multiple times in Shakespeare's works.

The 2018 season at the Globe Theatre also includes work of contemporary playwrights. Emilia by Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, explores the life of Shakespeare's enigmatic muse featured in his plays. In September of 2018, award-winning playwright Matt Hartley presents his new play, Eyam, about an English village ravaged by the plague where the inhabitants are forced to make a difficult choice.

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