Hotel Ambassador: A Vienna Hotel's Illustrious Place in Music History

January 25, 2011

The Hotel Ambassador, near the Vienna State Opera and Musikverein, is located at a site which was once a performing venue for young musicians who would later become famous. At one time called Mehlgrube, it was here that Mozart, Beethoven, and others performed for aristocrats.

This important site in Vienna music history was first used in 1418 as a flour storage facility. Torn down almost 300 years later, it was replaced by a building housing a ballroom and was later converted into a concert hall. In 1785, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered his 20th Piano Concerto. Beethoven and Hummel also presented concerts at Mehlgrube.

Over the decades, the site continued to host music lovers as an inn, concert hall, ballroom and as a casino. By the late 1800s, the Mehlgrube building was converted into the hotel and later renamed Hotel Krantz-Ambassador.

Among the hotel's famous music performances, composer Franz Leh?r held a special concert at the hotel in 1930. He also gave the hotel 19 signed compositions, including "The Merry Widow", which are on display.

After a reconstruction of the hotel in 1945 following damage from war, it was finally renamed the Ambassador Hotel. Extensive renovations in 2001 provided Vienna the beautiful hotel that we have today.

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