How to Protect Your Trip

May 25, 2011

Though storms, strikes and even volcanic ash can sometimes disrupt travel, we provide services for our clients that help to protect against trip disruptions when the unexpected happens. Below are some those actions we take to protect our clients' trips:

Eyjafjallajokull volcano eruption in IcelandMonitor clients' itineraries and travel situations
We keep track of clients' itineraries so we know where they are on each day and where to reach them. We continually monitor situations that may impact clients' travel plans so that we can proactively resolve issues as they arise. We have alternative travel plans in place if clients' need them.

Be a go-to-resource
It's stressful being stuck at an airport or watching the news of a volcanic ash cloud descending over Europe. Also, it's hard to think clearly about what to do next under these conditions. That's why we're here to offer alternatives and a fresh perspective.

Our clients don't have to spend time on hold with call centers, standing in long customer service lines or sleeping in the airport. We have the resources needed to quickly rebook flights, hotels, trains and rental cars, and solve related problems that can sometimes occur.

Provide alternatives
We are the problem solvers. Since we have the client's entire trip in mind, not just the flight or just the hotel, we can offer innovative alternatives that take into account the full range of possibilities.

Offer travel insurance protection
We encourage all of our clients to purchase travel insurance, which we offer with every trip package. Travel insurance provides an additional layer of protection for travelers and can potentially help save a traveler hundreds or thousands of dollars if an unavoidable travel disruption occurs.

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