Ballet Shops in Paris

June 2, 2011

If you're like many ballet lovers, you see all things about ballet as beautiful from the dancing itself and the tutus with beaded bodices, to the pretty pointe shoes and headpieces.

Ballet shop in Paris

Well, there's one place that you must visit if you are traveling to Paris - the Repetto boutique.

Repetto is the premier maker of pointe shoes in France. The company first began in 1947 when Rose Repetto, mother of Roland Petit, handmade her first ballet shoe.

In addition to a wall of pointe shoes and dancewear throughout the shop, Repetto also sells street shoes such as ballet flats. The store window itself is a work of art. It's worth the visit just for this. The Repetto boutique is located at 22 rue de la Paix near the opera house.

We also want to mention another ballet store in Paris. The boutique Stanlowa Paris is located next to Salle Pleyel on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore. This boutique is affiliated with the renowned ballet academy L'Institut International de Danse Janine Stanlowa, also in Paris, and offers its own line of dancewear and accessories.

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