Where to Take a Ballet Class in Paris

March 28, 2013

For travelers visiting Paris who wish to take a ballet class, a few schools in Paris offer open ballet classes. Adult ballet students will enjoy classes complete with instruction from current and former professional dancers from the Paris Opera and other companies, as well as live pianists.

The two ballet schools that we've personally tried were Institut International de Danse Janine Stanlowa (institut-stanlowa.com) and Centre de Danse du Marais (paris-dance.com). Both schools offer high-quality ballet classes throughout the day with various teachers. The adult and children's programs at these schools are separate. So, if you're an adult, you'll be in a class with only adults.

Also, classes at various levels are offered. Whether you're a professional dancer on vacation in Paris or a beginner who has always admired dance, you'll find dancers of all levels in the ballet classes.

Payment for class is made at the front desk or directly to the teacher, depending on the school. When we took class, registration wasn't required, just cash for the open class drop-in rate.

Ballet classes in Paris are always taught in French. However, we've found that if the teacher recognizes that you're an English speaker, he or she may give you a tip or ballet correction in English. But don't expect it.

Also, note, that while the classes are open, students are still expected to maintain a certain level of professional etiquette at the school, such as wearing proper ballet class attire, following the direction of the instructor at all times, arriving before the class starts, etc. Check with the ballet schools directly if you have questions.

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