Organ Recitals in Rome

February 1, 2013

Throughout the city of Rome, Italy, the music of organs resounds in the small churches and basilicas. Music, played on organs dating as far back as the 18th century, is offered during or following services in addition to more formal concerts and recitals. Some concerts are free; others charge.

The original organ at the All Saints Church (Via del Babuino) was from Huddersfield, England and built in 1894. It served as the template for the newer organ. Regular organ vespers are celebrated on the first Sunday of the month as well as concerts. A special Easter concert is also held here.

St Paul Inside the Walls (via Napoli and via Nazionale), the first non-Roman Catholic church to be built inside the boundary of Rome's ancient walls, holds regular organ concerts and frequent performances of opera selections. It's organ was built in 1748.

Additionally, organ recitals are held at Basilica of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Via Paolo VI), S. Marcello a Volta (Piazza S. Marcello), Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli (Piazza della Repubblica), and Sant'Antonio dei Portoghesi.

Beneath the great dome of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome is the large organ and cantoria constructed in the 16th century. The Sistine Chapel Choir sings in an area located near the organ.

The Festival of Sacred Music is held in the fall in basilicas throughout Rome. Proceeds from the concerts, which include organ recitals, go to the restoration of religious artefacts and buildings. ?Additionally, the International Organ Festival is held in Rome during the summer. Admission is free.

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