Ballet in Paris This Fall and Winter

The ballet company of L'Opera National de Paris is set to perform four ballet productions this fall and winter.

The ballet season of the Paris Opera begins in September with a production of La Dame aux Camelias (Lady of the Camellias) at the Palais Garnier. American dancer John Neumeier and current director of the Hamburg Ballet choreographed the work.

Retold in Verdi's opera La Traviata, the ballet's story follows the life of a beautiful courtesan who spends her days and nights living extravagantly and frequenting parties in mid 19th century Paris. After she finds true love in a handsome, but middle class man, who cannot afford her lifestyle, she meets an unfortunate end.

Later in the season, in addition to a program of contemporary works by choreographers Saburo Teshigawara, Trisha Brown and Jir? Kyli?n, the Paris ballet company will perform Rudolfph Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty (La Belle au Dormant) in December. It's a stunning ballet with vibrant color and gorgeous sets and costumes, a true classical fairy tale ballet.

Also of note, the Paris Opera Ballet recently appointed Benjamin Millipied, choreographer for the movie Black Swan and husband of actress Natalie Portman, as the new ballet director beginning in 2014.

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