The Original Vintage Opera Posters in Milan

January 1, 2017

Vintage Opera PosterFor visitors to Milan, Italy and those who appreciate opera, the Archivo Historico Ricordi is home to the iconic vintage opera posters and documents of the Ricordi publishing house. Located within the Palazzo di Brera in Milan, the Archivo Ricordi maintains more than 7,000 original opera scores, letters by composers, costume and set designs, 10,000 librettos, 6,000 historical photographs and Art Nouveau posters, representing the legacy of the Ricordi publishing house.

Casa Ricordi was founded in Milan in 1808 as a publisher of classical music and opera, becoming one of the world's most important source of printed music. The works of such composers as Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, were entrusted to Ricordi.

By the 1870s, Ricordi began to promote its publishing business through the production of its iconic posters. Ricordi featured artists who worked in the Art Nouveau style. Beyond opera posters, Ricordi also published artistic works for other industries, including Campari, the Corriere della Sera (Milan's newspaper), Bianchi bicyclesd, La Rinascente department store, Poretti beer, the film industry and the Naple's Mele Department store.

Exhibits of the Archivio Historico Ricordi pop up periodically in different venues Italy, such as at the La Scala museum in Milan, as well as throughout Europe. Website:

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