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Versailles: Royal Opera of Versailles

Versailles Royal Opera

Chateau de Versailles in France recently reopened its gorgeous 18th century Royal Opera house after a two-year upgrade.

The concept of building the opera house dates back as far as 1682 when King Louis XIV, who loved music and dance, commissioned Jules-Hardouin Mansart and Carlo Vigarani to draw up plans for a ballet theatre at the palace of Versailles. However, the opera house was not actually built until 1770 to celebrate the wedding of the future king, Louis XVI, to Marie Antoinette.

The 652-seat Royal Opera House at Versailles is considered one of Europe's most beautiful court theaters. Its technological and architectural upgrades have restored the theatre's status as an outstanding venue to see and hear music and the performing arts. This season the Royal Opera House will host the greatest names on the French and international stage. Visitors to the palace can also see the opera and its wings during guided tours.

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Address: Chateau de Versailles, France

Opera House Reopens at Versailles

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