Rome Hotel Tax Debuts to Mixed Reviews

January 17, 2011

The city of Rome recently announced a new hotel tax, up to € 3 per person per night to be settled in cash upon check out directly to the hotel.

It is intended to raise funds for restoration of historic monuments in the city to a tune of $100 million a year. Many Romans hope that the funds will also be used to improve services, sidewalks, roads, and the quality of public transportation.

But not everyone is optimistic. A number of hoteliers are upset about having to levy the extra fee to unsuspecting guests in an inconvenient manner — in cash and separate from the bill. Also, in this city which is dependent on tourism, some fear that the tax will deter visitors from traveling to Rome or that the funds will not be used for their intended purpose.

Still, a number of tour companies, available only through a travel agent or planner, are absorbing the extra fees. So, their clients will not be billed and there will be no surprises at checkout.

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