Secluded Spots to Propose in Europe

While it's true that Europe offers many spots for the perfect marriage proposal, some of them might include an audience, meaning hordes of onlookers. If you seek seclusion and privacy to pop the question, consider our suggestions.


Banks of the Tiber River
Though cars zip along the roads at the Tiber River, secluded spots abound. At night the lights of the city reflect off the water creating a lovely atmosphere, perfect for a marriage proposal. After a romantic dinner, take a walk along the river, then pop the question.

Giardino degli Aranci
Propose at the Giardino degli Aranci (Garden of the Oranges) on the Aventine Hill. This spot offers spectacular panorama views of Rome. Also, there tend to be few people there, even during the day.
View of Rome
Castel Sant Angelo
The bridge leading to Castel Sant Angelo is lined with angel statues by Bernini angels. At night, light cast on each statue creates a warm, beautiful glow.

Where to avoid: It's often a good idea to avoid Trevi Fountain in Rome if you're looking for a quiet, romantic spot. There are crowds at most hours of the day and rose sellers badgering anyone who appears to be a couple.


The most romantic way to take a gondola is late at night. Many of the tourists have left the city (day trippers) or have turned in for the night. If you request that the gondolier takes you through the side canals, you'll be alone for much of the ride.
Canal with gondola in Venice


The bridges of Paris along the Seine are lovely whether you're walking across them or taking a romantic dinner cruise below them.

Consider Pont Neuf or Pont Alexandre III for your propsoal. You'll have views of Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower and the romantic glow of the Paris city lights.

Couple on bridge in paris

Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower seems like the obvious place for a proposal in Paris. However, you'll feel a little like cattle as you trek to the top with the tourists. Still, there are ways to incorporate the Eiffel Tower into your proposal and still retain your privacy.

Champs de Mars is a park that spreads out right below the Eiffel Tower. Though it's full of people on warm nights, it is possible to find your own spot for a blanket and romantic picnic dinner for your proposal. Plan your proposal for the moment when the Eiffel Tower is lit up.

If your preference is to be in the tower for your proposal, consider dinner at Jules Verne Restaurant which is atop the Eiffel Tower.

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