How to Know if Using a Travel Planner is Right for You

June 23, 2011

We design trips for travelers seeking a high level of personal service, which may be a good choice for you when:

- It's your first time planning a trip to Europe and you need help getting started, choosing places to visit within your time range, or just need advice and expert guidance on the best places to stay, things to do, best ways to get around, and how to organize all of the details.

- You've traveled to Europe before but wish to get a deeper connection with places you've visited through special tours and activities or private guides and need an insider to point the way.

- You feel overwhelmed by the volume of travel information available and need a consultant who understands your needs to sift through it all and help you make the best decisions .

- You expect the best from the finest accommodations and most gracious service to the most creative and engaging activities. You want to come home with great stories to tell.

- You're taking a special trip to celebrate or as a gift for an anniversary or birthday . A travel professional can ensure everything goes exactly as planned, take care of the details that make a trip unforgettable (or derail it), and provide support should you need to change your plans after your trip has begun.

Learn about more about planning a trip to Europe.

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