How Much Are Tickets for the Paris Opera House?

November 24, 2012

The Paris Opera performs in two theaters in Paris — the Palais Garnier and the Opera Bastille. Theatergoers enjoy mainly opera and the most popular ballets, such as La Bayadere, at the Opera Bastille, while ballet is mainly performed at the Palais Garnier. When people refer to the Paris Opera House, in particular, they usually have the ornate and historic Palais Garnier in mind.

How much are tickets for the Paris Opera?

Ticket prices for the Paris Opera and Ballet run from 5€ to 180€, depending on the program to be performed, the artists, and seating location. Even the date of the performance, such as New Year's Eve or an opening night, will have a bearing on the ticket cost.

Orchestra or parterre seats, which are those on the ground floor and closest to the stage, will be the most expensive, with progressively lower prices as you move farther up and back in the theater.

A Tour instead of an Opera or Ballet

If you're unable to attend an opera or ballet, the Paris Opera is open for visitors. Guided tours are offered as well. The grand staircase, chandelier, Chagall painting and the jaw-dropping decorative flourishes throughout the opera house are well worth the visit.

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